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Dog Writes Book About How to Be A Good Baby

TINLEY PARK, IL – January 19, 2016.  A local dog recently published a picture book that he wrote for his family’s new baby, entitled “How To Be A Good Baby: Tips From The Dog.”

Toby, who had a lung removed in emergency surgery when he was a puppy, originally wrote the book for his new baby brother.  The ten tips in the book are accompanied by full color photographs of Toby himself, demonstrating the skills necessary to earn praise and treats from Mom and Dad.  He compiled these tips from his experience as Mom and Dad’s “fur baby” in order to help the new baby make a smooth transition into the pack.  Hence, “How To Be A Good Baby: Tips From The Dog” was born.

“The reaction from the nurses who saw the book after the delivery of his brother was overwhelming,” said his dad, Chris Seps.  “Toby decided that this was his chance to give back.  He knew he could help a lot of new babies learn how to be successful.”

 Toby published the book this winter and plans to start a tour promoting the book this spring.  “How To Be A Good Baby: Tips From The Dog” is currently available on 

About Toby

Toby is a five year old jumbo-sized Pekingese. With a new lease on life after a life-saving emergency surgery to remove one of his lungs, he treats every day like an adventure. He loves going for bike rides, surfing in the pool, and trying to find coyotes in the woods.  Now that he has the responsibility of being a big brother, he spends his days mostly licking the baby and avoiding having his tail pulled – often at the same time.

Toby’s dad, Chris, is an attorney with a sign in his office that says “my kids have four feet.”  Now that Toby has a little brother, someone changed the sign to say “my FAVORITE kids have four feet.” Toby is the prime suspect.

For more information about “How To Be A Good Baby: Tips From The Dog,” along with additional tips, please visit or contact Chris Seps at (708) 921-6445 or  You can also Like Toby’s “How To Be A Good Baby” page on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter @tipsfromthedog.


Check out the cover story in the Life and Arts Section of the Tinley Junction (Jan. 29, 2016)